Your Pinecrest Listing Agent

Before you choose your listing agent I want to share with you some observations, things not all agents want you to know about, but I think you need to know about before hiring your Pinecrest listing agent.

First of all, if your property is in Pinecrest, choose an agent that is known in Pinecrest, works in Pinecrest and is familiar with Pinecrest.  This agent will know how to properly price and market your property to a Pinecrest Buyer.  Real estate is very very local; the pricing, positioning and marketing of a property in Pinecrest, Westchester, Coral Gables and Miami Beach are all very different.  Choose an agent that specializes in the area your property is located in.

Your listing agent should be acquainted with your property very well; therefore, your listing agent should personally be showing your home to prospective Buyers every time.  Your listing agent should personally attend the home inspection to see what the inspector has found.  Your listing agent should personally meet with the appraiser to offer guidance and answer any questions he may have.  Your listing agent should be doing all these things personally - not send an assistant, a secretary or some other agent.  You hired THIS agent, not someone else. You should not accept anything less!

To ensure this high level of personal service there are a few things to keep in mind.  First, a mega-agent can't give you such a high level of service.  A mega-agent has listings all over Miami-Dade County – Coral Gables, Miami, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, Pinecrest, Key Biscayne, etc.  They can't physically attend personally to all their listings – it just physically can't be done.  With mega-agents, you will meet with them at the listing appointment and then rarely ever see them again.  Your listing will be assigned to an assistant or some other agent to handle.

You want your agent to be practicing real estate full time, not also running other businesses or having another job.  Whether it's a beauty shop, pet store, daycare, clothing store, etc., if your listing agent has another job, their attention and time will be divided between that job and your listing.  To receive the high caliber personal service you deserve, you need to find an agent whose only business is real estate. Real estate is their full time profession; it's the only business that pays their bills.

An agent with school aged children will have to make some choices; that’s just the way it is.  It's very hard to have school aged children and practice real estate full time.  Between juggling school, doctor appointments, sports, dance and music schedules, and also having to have the availability and flexibility to show your home at 9:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm or 6:30 pm - something's got to give! In real estate, agents don't set the hours; our Buyers and Sellers set our hours.  We need to be available the hours our Buyers and Seller are available.

You may not give much thought to how other agents view the listing agent you hire, but it does make a difference - a big difference.
If your agent has a reputation for being difficult to deal with, dishonest, or if her listings are consistently overpriced, other agents will pass on your listing.  They may come back later to view your home, but only after all other possibilities are exhausted.
One reason why my listings sell is that other agents trust me.  They know that when I prepare a market analysis for my Sellers, it will be accurate and current.  They know that I won't take an overpriced listing just to advertise my name on the front lawn.  They also know that the information in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) will be truthful and complete.  They know they can show my listings without wasting their time or looking foolish to their Buyers.
Agents know I'll assist them in showing my listings, return phone calls promptly, arrange for inspections and appraisals, and do my share of the work once our Buyers and Sellers have reached an agreement.
You might be shocked to know how many agents make it difficult for other agents to show and sell their listings.  These agents want the entire commission all for themselves; they don't want to share it with another agent.  Even if it means your house staying on the market longer, and you possibly lose money, while they try to find a Buyer so they can keep all the commission to themselves.  
My primary goal is to sell your house and get you the most amount of money for it.  I don't care who brings the Buyer, as long as that Buyer has the means to make the purchase.  That's why I do all I can to cooperate with other agents and make it easy for other agents to show my listings.
No one agent can reach all the Buyers in our marketplace.  That's why I put so much effort into marketing to other agents, and to maintaining the reputation I've earned as a Pinecrest Realtor.
Give me a call.  Let's sit down and discuss the marketing and pricing of your property... and let's get it SOLD!
Marie Story
Marie Story
Broker Associate
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